Main Range National Park Day Ride

February 4, 2012

An absolute must………… for those of you who love a challenging ride. (According to Burp, this is not a challenging ride, Giggles on the other hand, thinks differently).  However, if you’re more concerned with “Show and Shine”, this is NOT the ride for you because your precious Cruiser may get a tad dirty 🙂

A ride up to Main Range will sort out those who truly enjoy the freedom of the bike, as opposed to those who are more concerned with looks than actually enjoying being on the bike. You have country roads, you have roaming cows and cow poop, (try to avoid riding though it – the poop that is), you end up on dirt roads, you have the most breathtaking smells of nature and if your Cruiser ends up with dirt, does it matter? Nope, not really, because she’ll be easy enough to clean and polish 🙂

While we’re at it, for those of you who also tow trailers behind your Cruiser’s, there is camping in abundance (check with the official NP web site for fees) but you truly do have everything here you need when it comes to nature…..

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