Frazer Beach Day Ride

September 14, 2013

Approximately 140klm round trip.

Wow! From hereon in, we are going to call Frazer Beach our own special place. We loved it. So absolutely beautiful, with the most impressive rock formations and scenery, aqua blue water that was incredibly clear, and the whitest of white frothy waves. Totally perfect and we shall definitely be returning. Mind you, this was not our actual destination for today’s ride……

Burp had decided on a beach called Birdie Beach which Giggles had not previously been too. Burp was under the impression that it would be a great beach to do some photography work/photo shoots as by all accounts it appeared to be a rather “quiet” beach. When we arrived, we started walking along the beach towards a cliff face, only for Giggles to suddenly panic and go “I’ve left my keys in the pannier box”. For Burp who is holding both jackets, says “Run”. So Giggles, runs, or should I say, attempts to run up a very steep sand hill, wearing jeans and motorcycle boots, to get back to the car park. Upon reaching the car park and finding where the Nomad was parked (Giggles has NO directional sense whatsoever!), there were no keys in the pannier box. Giggles, was panicking, she started to run back across the car park, back up the steep sand-dunes, only to realise that her Nomad keys were in her bike jacket pocket and not her jeans pocket………. By the time she got back to Burp, Giggles was too out of breath to explain.

With that scary moment out of the way, we continued to walk towards the cliff face when we noticed some people come out of the water, and people sunbathing on the beach and they appeared to all be naked. Wouldn’t you know it, the section of the beach before the cliff face turned out to be the Nudest Beach!!! Or, as the sign stated (which we discovered on the way back) “150m to Unclad Bathing”. We chose not to continue down the beach and to instead try another of the beaches. So glad we did because this is where we discovered Frazer Beach. Utter perfection.

Giggles will mention here, that the actual riding around Munmorah State Conservation Area is just superb. The roads are to be expected, but they are still plenty smooth enough, winds and bends, and just gorgeous Australian scenery. We have been so blessed to live in this beautiful country of ours.

As we know, Giggles is no photographer so the photo’s below really do not do justice to the beautiful beaches, and to Munmorah State Conservation area. For those who haven’t been, it is well worth a visit, whether by car, or by motorbike. There are even camping areas dotted throughout which all seem to have walking access to the beach. An absolute “Must Visit”

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