Great North Road Day Ride

August 24, 2013

 We may have found our “Mt Glorious”!!!!!
Still being new to the area and unsure where the best rides are, Burp had a quick look at some maps and made the decision to head out towards Wollombi and beyond. Now whilst Wollombi Road itself is certainly as rough as they come, the heritage town of Wollombi is well worth it. Such a gorgeous, historic little town but unfortunately, it was teeming with people, both tourists and cafe racers so we made the decision not to stop there and to keep riding. However, we will be returning to Wollombi on a week day when it is not so busy and will hopefully be more relaxing.

Having ridden through Wollombi, we turned onto the Great North Road and it was on this road that we found our “Mt Glorious”. There were long, straight spells, winds, and bends, and all with the most scenic countryside. The flora was just phenomenal, the weather was beautiful and the road was fantastic. Just like Mt Glorious, one did have to be wary of the low flying missiles AKA “Cafe Racers” but on the whole, they were all pretty good.

Unfortunately, there are not too many sights to see along this road, certainly not for those who wish to stop and view attractions. But…… whatever you do…… do not make the same mistake we did by stopping at Koolang Observatory. Reason being, despite the signpost, the Observatory no longer exists! Total waste of time!

We stayed on the Great North Road until we joined up with the Pacific Highway via Peats Ridge Road whereby we made the customary rest stop at the twin Caltex.

Truly, a magnificent ride and one that we will no doubt do again, perhaps in the Summer months, allowing of course, at least a 2 hour stop at the beautiful town of Wollombi.

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