Mount Sugarloaf Day Ride

August 11, 2013

To say this was a short ride is an understatement, however, the “family” made an impromptu decision to visit Mount Sugarloaf and have a BBQ and as it had been years since Giggles had been there (and Burp had never been!), it sounded like a great idea. It was only approximately a 20 minute ride from where we had been at the time, but still very worthwhile. Perhaps a good, short, introductory ride for beginners because unlike Mount Glorious, the “low flying missiles” are few and far between.

Mount Sugarloaf itself is a beautiful place, plenty of picnic areas, BBQs, (both wood fires and gas), amenities, and some absolutely beautiful bush walks for those of use who still like to keep fit and make use of our gorgeous Australian bush.

For those people who prefer peace and quiet, we would recommend that perhaps you visit Mount Sugarloaf during a weekday, or perhaps when it is not holiday season. Of course, if you only wish to pay a short visit, then there is still riding aplenty to be done, either towards the vineyards and country roads in the Hunter Valley region, or perhaps a ride to the spectacular beaches in Newcastle.