Mungo Brush, Myall Lakes Day Ride

September 29, 2013

Approximately  220klm round trip.

Absolute perfection! Giggles is convinced that there is no better location than Mungo Brush, Myall Lakes. Whilst it has changed quite a bit since Giggles was a regular camper there many years ago, it is still just utterly perfect.

With the lake on one side, the beach on the other, it doesn’t matter whether you are into boating, swimming, surfing, bush walking, camping, photography, picnics, or just total relaxation on the edge of the lake, you will find it all at this gorgeous location.

No, we’ve not mentioned anything about the actual ride itself and Giggles didn’t actually start taking photo’s until we left the Pacific Highway, but many of our rides lately have included the Pacific Highway so there wasn’t really any point in boring everyone with photo’s of the same road……

This ride was definitely more about the destination than the ride itself, however riding through the pretty villages of Hawks Nest and Tea Gardens is lovely. Tea Gardens is definitely worth stopping at for a while, especially on Marine Drive.

For those of have never been to Myall Lakes, you may want to consider adding it to your “To Do” list.

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