North Arm Cove and Booral Day Ride

September 7, 2013

Approximately 200klm round trip.

Giggles was unsure what to actually name this day ride because had we have known what North Arm Cove was like, we probably wouldn’t have bothered going there. Fortunately for us, we discovered Booral Road which is a stunning ride.

It’s not to say that North Arm Cove isn’t incredibly pretty because it is, however, it is extremely private (for the residents), and very isolated. It was pointless riding there solely because access to the waterfront is virtually non existent, with the exception of use of the small public park that exists in the town.

After stopping at a travel centre on the Pacific Highway once we’d seen North Arm Cove, Burp studied the information map and decided to head out towards Booral. This was just as well really because Booral Road is a great ride, very windy, lots of bends, and just utterly picturesque countryside. Whilst we didn’t stop at Booral itself, it is an extremely pretty country town.

You may notice that some of the photos are not captioned and this is because Giggles had no idea what road she was on. This wasn’t helped by the fact that Burp kept forgetting to yell out “Sign” (meaning that there is a street sign on highway sign coming up so get ready to take a photo).

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