Paterson and Morpeth Day Ride

September 22, 2013

Approximately 118klm round trip.

Yet another day ride that didn’t quite go according to plan, but still a wonderful ride.

It was a spur of the moment decision to  to ride to the charming little country village of Paterson, but very typical of our luck, when we arrived, the entire village was packed with people, cars, and motorbikes. Apparently, the one day we decide to visit, the town is holding it’s car and bike show…..

We stopped at Kings Wharf Park, took a few photo’s of the river and decided that there were just way too many people so we started to head towards Clarence Town, hoping that perhaps it would be much quieter and we could relax by the river. Naturally, being a very sunny Sunday, the river at Clarence Town was also teeming with people.

Next stop…….Morpeth! Giggles suggested Morpeth because it is such a historic, quaint town with lovely old buildings and whilst this was certainly the case, the town itself is also a huge tourist attraction. However, we stopped in Morpeth (after eventually finding a remaining space in the main street to park the Nomad, and had some great food from the Morpeth Cottage Bakehouse (would definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a quick bite to eat). We wandered along the main street, and the river, and we truly were not disappointed. Such a beautiful town and no wonder that it is so popular with the tourists.

Despite not ending up where we wanted to, the ride was phenomenal. It was mainly on country roads with gorgeous green fields and some beautiful flora and the smell of Summer was certainly in the air. Lorn, through to Clarence Town is truly a very picturesque ride, with bends, here there and everywhere.

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