Putty Road Day Ride

October 6, 2013

Approximately 410klm round trip.

You can’t have a bike and NOT do the Putty Road, especially if you reside in NSW. It is absolutely mandatory and suitable for ALL bikes. What a fantastic ride.  The biggest problem for Giggles was trying to work out just which, of the 827 photo’s she took during the ride, were the right ones to use for the web site!

For those of you who also own the Australia Motorcycle Atlas, Top 200 rides, you will be aware that the Putty Road is one of the “Great Rides”.

There is no denying this road is a Biker’s Dream, the Putty goes from Singleton to Windsor and it certainly lives up to it’s reputation. We joined the Putty Road from Milbrodale Road but before joining the Putty, we stopped to pay our respects at the Putty Road Truck Drivers Memorial. For those of you who don’t know, Burp is an Interstate Trucker, and this memorial was incredibly well done. I have included photo’s below, including the poem that is on the wall.

The Putty Road is one of the best rides in Giggles’ opinion and despite having taking so many photo’s, you will notice that they simply don’t do justice to this Bikers Dream. It’s difficult to capture the essence of the road and the thrill as you curl around corners whilst hoping not to meet an oncoming truck or happy caravanner.

We did leave the Putty Road to go and look at the little, well town is probably the wrong word, “place” called Putty. It’s only 4k’s off the Putty Road and all we can say is, don’t bother, it’s not really worth going to.

If you’re looking for refreshments along the way, you need to stop at the Gray Gum Cafe which is very popular with bike enthusiasts as was evident by the amount of bikes parked up when we pulled in. The cafe is set back off the road, a really lovely location with great food and fantastic service.

After riding through Colo Heights, we left the road again to go and have a look at the Colo River. It wasn’t the most attractive of stops, especially considering all the broken beer bottles etc. near the bridge and the grass in the picnic area definitely needed someone to attend to it. What was nice though, were the 2 World War Remembrance plaques that had been placed in the cliff/rock face as well as the little “cave”.

We exited the Putty Road onto Bullridge Road towards Sackville Ferry. Both the Sackville and Wisemans Ferries are free and the crossing only takes about 3 minutes. Giggles does want to return to Wisemans Ferry and actually spend some time looking around as it’s quite pretty, but being the long weekend, it was absolutely packed with people.

After Wisemans Ferry it was time to head home and we chose to go along Wisemans Ferry Road, heading back towards the Cessnock region and that was a really pleasant ride. At least it would have been had it not been for the extremely dry, hot wind that was relentless. We did stop at a little shop along the way for what we hoped would be ice cold drinks as we were both feeling a tad dehydrated but despite friendly service, the drinks were not particularly cold and wouldn’t you know it, about 10k’s further down the road, there was, an obviously popular, little tourist place serving food and drinks. Had we have known, we would have stopped here instead.

If we had to sum up the Putty Road in a few brief words, all we could say is INCREDIBLE. If you’ve not done the Putty Road, you don’t know what you’re missing out on.

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