Quirindi Day Ride

May 25, 2013

It was a beautiful day for riding apart from the wind which Burp didn’t think was that bad, however, unlike Giggles, he was not trying to take photo’s from the back of the Nomad at 100 kph. Giggles had been wanting to go to Quirindi for a while now and as we had a new tyre put on the Nomad a couple of days ago, we wanted to see what it was like so Quirindi seemed as good a place as any for a day ride. 

We went via Tamworth as we had a couple of things to do there first and it really was a gorgeous day. Giggles was a bit disappointed with Quirindi as she thought it would be a much more hysterical oops historical town and it was quite pretty but not at all what she was expecting. Werris Creek on the other hand, was simply lovely as was the park at Breeza which displayed Ben Hall’s Wall. Fascinating…….

No problems at all with the new tyre, our girl travelled exceptionally well, and despite the odd crater/pothole in these marvellous highways of ours,  it was a really smooth ride.

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