Werakata National Park Day Ride

August 31, 2013

Whilst we thoroughly enjoyed Werakata National Park, it probably is not for everyone and certainly the majority of riders may well choose not to ride here. The main reason being is that it is dirt roads throughout so again, for those “show and shine” cruisers who only leave the garage on a warm day with no wind and rain forecast, it’s unlikely you would enjoy a ride through Werakata. Fortunately for us, we made the decision NOT to wash and polish the Nomad prior to the ride which was just as well because it was very dusty to say the least. Having said that, the condition of the dirt roads throughout Werakata were in extremely good condition, much better than some of the highways throughout Australia.

The National Park itself may not appeal to many people because apart from dirt roads, there is nothing else other than true Australian bush. No rivers, no amenities in the one picnic area that we came across, however the flora was absolutely beautiful with some very pretty flowers in abundance and the birds were singing constantly. We even encountered a rather charming black snake in the middle of the road as we were leaving the dirt road and about to get back on the bitumen.

As per usual, the Kawasaki Vulcan Nomad handled the dirt roads in her stride, as she does every other terrain we take her on and we had a fantastic day and discovered a National Park that we did not even know existed.

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