Dudley Beach Day Ride – Part 1

July 19, 2014

It had been Burp’s idea to ride to Dudley Beach. We had been there before, however we both absolutely love spending time together on the beach. Any beach really, it’s just another of those very special times that we share together and Giggles was happy to agree to visit Dudley Beach because she needed a new collection of shells…….

Having listened to the weather forecast the day before, and even the morning of the ride, we are adamant that there was no mention of rain! Wind, yes, we were expecting wind but nothing was said about rain.

We set out and got no further than Seahampton only for the skies to open up and it bucketed down. Burp pulled off the side of the road, Giggles put the camera away and we both agreed, “Heck No” and rode home.

These are the photo’s taken on the ride prior to the rain…..

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