McNamara Park Day Ride

June 22, 2014

Approximately 114klm round trip

Not a long ride by any means, but one with a definite purpose! We had previously gone (or attempted to go) camping however a major health scare meant ending up in Emergency. That particular camp trip with in the middle of nowhere with absolutely NO mobile reception. So, with this in mind, we were thinking of going to McNamara Park in Broke to spend a couple of nights.

We decided to go for a ride there first and check the place out and see just how suitable it was and, if it had mobile reception.

The ride there was beautiful because we were, after all, riding through the Hunter Valley Vineyards/Wine area. What isn’t there to love about this beautiful region?

McNamara Park turned out to be wonderful. It’s not a camp site per se, but due to the generosity of Singleton Council, people can stay there for up to 3 nights. Let us hope that people don’t take advantage of that and stay longer!!

It is also dog friendly, there is a great tavern, a corner store, you can have fire’s there (weather and local ban situations permitting), truly wonderful.

We did end up camping there, if you have access to Facebook, you can view our camp trip.

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