Shortland Wetlands Day Ride

August 8, 2014

Giggles can’t believe that she is “Hunter Valley Born and Bred” and had never visited Shortland Wetlands (Hunter Wetlands Centre). It is stunning!!!! The bird life is spectacular, the walks are serene, the flora and fauna is just totally spectacular.

You can take a picnic, it’s a great place for families, couples, anyone who has an interest in Wetlands, or indeed, anyone who doesn’t.

As per usual, Giggles’ photos do not do justice to either the Wetlands, or the birds, however, just scroll down past the Vulcan Nomad ride photo’s and then tell me this isn’t a place you want to visit.

This place will surprise you! You can cycle, walk, canoe, eat, picnic, photograph, or………………….simply walk hand in hand and fall in love with the Wetlands. We did.

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