Boat Harbour “Whale” Day Ride

July 25, 2015

We absolutely love Boat Harbour and hadn’t been for a while so made the most of the gorgeous weather and went for a ride. The ocean and the beaches at Boat Harbour are breathtaking and there are countless rock pools, rock formation, bird life and swimming homes hidden amongst the rocks. It is the perfect location for anyone who enjoys rock climbing, swimming, relaxing on the beach, photography, and

The ride was great as traffic wasn’t too bad and we stopped just before Boat Harbour at a small town called Anna Bay. It’s quite pretty and when we pulled up in front of the supermarket we noticed a fund raising group selling sausage sandwiches so we absolutely had to buy one each. They were so nice that we could have had another one each but after Giggles dripped ketchup on her new jacket Burp decided one was definitely enough.

As always, the beach was gorgeous and the ocean was the most perfect velvety blue colour and we spent some time walking and taking photo’s and then decided to head to another part of Boat Harbour where we were incredibly lucky see whales in the ocean. Neither of us have ever seen a whale before so you can imagine our excitement. We ended up spending 2 hours lying on the rocks trying to photograph them. You will tell by the photo’s below of the whales that Giggles’ photography skills are indeed rather poor. At least you can tell it is a whale……..

The whale sightings turned what was already a great day ride into a spectacular day ride.

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