Anniversary and Picnic Day Ride

May 30, 2015

Our actual wedding anniversary is on June 1st, however due to Burp and Giggles both working on the Monday, we celebrated our anniversary a day early with a great day ride, and a sausage sizzle,  to a gorgeous location.

After a bit of search on Google Maps, Burp chose to go to Lemontree Passage. Neither of us had been there and we decided to take a sausage sizzle with us which meant putting the luggage bag on the luggage rack.

The ride itself was fantastic, we had great weather and not a huge amount of traffic.

We would thoroughly recommend Henderson Park at Lemon Tree Passage to anyone wanting a picnic or BBQ. It is absolutely perfect. You are right on the water, their are covered picnic areas and BBQ’s, shops nearby if you need them. This park truly has everything you would need for a family day out.

Our sausage sizzle was great, perfectly cooked by Burp, our Coca Cola stayed icy cold in the luggage rack. We went for walks along the water, relaxed and had an amazing time.


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