Inland Day Ride

October 28, 2015

The majority of our rides are always coastal based, mainly because we love the coast so it was time to go inland again. Burp found an interesting place online that seemed to incorporate a free camp site so we thought we would check it out.

The day alternated between being overcast and sunny and we covered a heck of of a lot of klm’s on this ride, due to the fact that we did some back tracking and we wanted to stop in a few different towns.

Our location of interest was a tiny place called Apple Tree Flats which is very near to Jerry’s Plains, however, we we made it to Jerry’s Plains, we couldn’t find any signposts for Apple Tree Flats. We weren’t overly bothered so we kept riding, stopping at Denman which is your typical “Farming” town.

Lunch ended up being at Hungry Jacks in Muswellbrook and let’s just say that it’s not a place either of us have any desire to visit again, or spend any time in.

After lunch, we headed back to Jerry’s Plains to try and find Apple Tree Flat and eventually, we did. It was certainly not what we had expected, and there was definitely no free campsite anywhere. Instead, Apple Tree Flat consists of a couple of properties, luscious greenery and…………. nothing else! It wasn’t until we were again leaving Jerry’s Plains that we spotted a camp site in Jerry’s Plains itself.

For Giggles, one of the great things about the ride was all the cows. She loves their soft eyes and long eyelashes so naturally, photo’s of the cows had to be included. What totally spoilt what should have been beautiful countryside, was the devastation caused by all the mining in the area. Our farmlands, our beautiful scenery, totally destroyed.

All in all though, it was a superb ride as we really must try to include more inland rides in 2016.

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