“Just A Day Ride”

May 19, 2015

After a busy start to the year, and the Nomad having radiator problems we are finally back on the road. Thank goodness! We were so happy to be on the Nomad that we didn’t care where we rode which is obvious by the photo’s below showing the different area.

Whilst riding, we saw a sign for the  Watagans National Park and whilst Giggles is very familiar with the Watagan State Forest, she’d never been to the National Park and neither had Burp. Mt Falks Road was really pretty and the trees were showing gorgeous autumn colours. All was going well until we hit a dirt road, not just any dirt road but a very steep, crater type of dirt road. We passed some workmen who we working in the forestry, we kept riding and after 5 minutes we decided to stop…………….. in the middle of the road. This was a fairly narrow road, turning around on the Nomad would have been difficult but we had no idea how much further it was to the lookout points. Fortunately for us, the forestry workers were also heading up the road, at a slow pace which gave Burp time to get the Nomad to the side of the road. Giggles asked the workers how much further up the road the rest areas/lookout points were and what the road ahead was like. Needless to say, after the conversation, Burp managed to turn the Nomad around and we headed straight back down. We would have had another 9 k’s or so to go and the road worsened the higher up it went.

We ended up at Frazer Beach which was as beautiful as it always is.

Upon returning home from our ride, it was to discover that our beautiful Rottweiler, in our absence, decided our bed would be more comfortable than her own beanbag. After rearranging a few of Giggles teddy bears, she had made herself right at home 🙂

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