Snapper Point Day Ride

November 18, 2015

A very special date for us. Our beautiful daughter was born on this day many years ago and she continues to be a source of huge pride. We love her dearly.

We were definitely prepared for the beach on this ride. We had the bag on the luggage rack, we had aeroguard, sunscreen, iced water, towels, (Burp forgot his hat, Giggles rarely wears one), you name it, we had it.

Snapper Point is actually part of Munmorah State Recreation area and if you follow our web site, you know we spend a lot of time here, particularly at Birdie Beach. The reason we had never gone to Snappers Point was very simple…….. dirt road. Burp is not bothered by taking our Nomad on dirt roads whereas Giggles is, and not solely for the possible damage to our Nomad. However, Birdie Beach was quite busy, so Burp made the decision to try somewhere new and……..

Wow! It was like having our own private beach. A very small, secluded beach, uninhabited mainly because a) you travel on a dirt road to get there; and b) to have to reach the beach, you have to walk down a steep slope through the beach scrub. Once you reach the beach, the water is crystal clear, you have your own private little cave which is where we put our towels/water etc, and it was just utterly, absolutely, and totally perfect. Snapper Point could well become “our beach”. It is truly beautiful and Giggles’ photos do not do it justice as per usual.

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