Tuggerah Day Ride

December 19, 2015

Our last Day Ride for 2015.  We had never been to Tuggerah before and being so close to Christmas and with just 2 presents left to buy (Giggles is very organised with Christmas presents), we decided to ride to Tuggerah.

The ride was great, if you can discount the fact that the Pacific Motorway is boring i.e. nothing to photograph, no winds and bends, just very dull. We stopped at the twin servo’s so Giggles could get her Macca’s fix for breakfast.

Unfortunately we, erm, Burp missed the exit for Westfield shopping centre in Tuggerah, despite Giggles pointing it out to him, so we took the next exit on the motorway and headed towards Tuggerah. This is why some of the ride has no road names because Giggles, nor Burp, had no idea which road we were actually on. We did find our way to Tuggerah as the photo’s below prove.

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