Stroud Show Day Ride

March 28, 2016

Giggles hadn’t been to a country show in years so when she heard Stroud Show was on, she and Burp decided it would be a great excuse for a ride and an enjoyable day at the show.

Burp felt an early start was in order even though it’s only about an hour to Stroud so they were on the road by 0730. It was quite chilly so even Giggles was wearing a jacket. It was not until they reached Bucketts Way that the real fun began. Despite it’s notorious reputation, Bucketts Way is a great road for bikes, straight, winding, and wonderful scenery. Unfortunately the road could do with a makeover as it’s incredibly rough in some parts.

Stroud Show itself was fantastic, a really great day out although Burp and Giggles arrived much too early as there wasn’t a huge amount going on. As the day wore on, Giggles came to the conclusion that she really wants one of those weird looking chicken type things and that a miniature pig would be ever so cute to have. The equestrian events were great fun to watch, as was the post splitting. If you haven’t ever been to Stroud Show, then try to make the effort to get there one year, it’s definitely worthwhile.

Burp decided to go home via a different route and Giggles is of the opinion she never wants to ride on Limeburners Creek Road or Clarence Town road again. Yes, the scenery was spectacular, however Giggles’ spent more time off the seat than on it. The condition of both these roads is disgraceful and it was with much relief when they stopped for a break on New England Hwy and knew it would be smooth riding back home.

Overall though, a brilliant ride and a great day at the show.

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