Motorcycle Camper Trailer

For over a year now, we had been keeping an eye out for a motorcycle camper trailer and wouldn’t you know it, they appear to be as rare as hen’s teeth! As we seemed unable to find one, we made the decision to buy a box trailer and had grand plans to have it converted into a camper trailer.

Well, we got as far as buying the trailer, spray painting it black to match the Nomad, towed it once or twice to see how it felt and ended up selling it. We never used it, never got around to converting it to a camper, and in all honesty, Giggles never felt comfortable towing it.

Just a few weeks after selling it, we spotted an advert on e-bay for a small camper trailer. This camper was a Cub Kangaroo Sprint which was designed for both motorbikes and small cars, so after much excitement, we bought it. The biggest problem we then had was that it meant a trip from home here in QLD, to Penrith in NSW to pick it up. That on it’s own was perfectly fine as it was a great excuse for a Rohde Trip however……… the timing could not have been more wrong. But this was too good an opportunity to pass up and we are now the very excited, very proud owners of our first motorcycle camper trailer.

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