Nomad Bling

As we have now owned our Kawasaki Vulcan Nomad for just over 2 1/2 years, the time had come to add some “Bling”. We had been looking online for about 12 months at the different products/items available but had never done anything about it. Then, in September 2013, Giggles went online and did some searching. She wanted to buy Burp a surprise gift, not because it was his birthday or a special anniversary, but solely because he is just the most amazing, perfect, loving, husband that any woman could have. With this in mind, she purchased the first of no doubt many, “bling” items for their beloved Nomad.

For each item, there will be “unfitted” and a “fitted” photos.

This particular piece of “Bling” is an eagle ornament for the front guard. It is absolutely beautiful and Giggles’ rather awful photo’s below do not do it justice. Giggles purchased this from J&P Cycles in the USA and was extremely impressed with not only their products, but also their efficiency. Definitely one to order from again!

Unfitted Photo’s (Burp has yet to fit the ornament but to be fair, it only arrived in the post today)

Burp spent the morning fitting our “bling” to the Nomad. The most difficult part was getting it lined up exactly where we wanted it however, it didn’t take him long and was relatively easy to mount.

Fitted Photo’s (Of course the photo’s don’t do it justice, but we are thrilled with the look)

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