2014 Kawasaki Vulcan Nomad Rohde Trip – Day 2

Day 2 – December 24, 2014

Distance: 780km
Time: 13hr (approx) 
Departure: Beenleigh, QLD
Destination: Hunter Valley, NSW

Burp and Giggles spent a fantastic day with Burp’s family, including our “Bro” from Germany.  The time passed all too quickly however and then it was time to say their goodbyes and head for home.

Despite plans to be out of bed at 5am in time for coffee, showers etc, without having to rush around so that they could depart at 7am, too much time spent chatting and laughing over coffees meant that there was a little bit of a rush towards the end.

Re-packing the Nomad was a tad more difficult as Burp and Giggles both had Christmas presents to take back home. Giggles attempted to do the packing and when, quite proud of herself, she showed Burp her efforts, he shook his head and started taking everything back out of the bags.

Only slightly off schedule, Burp and Giggles were on the road at 7:20am and it was a typical Queensland day. Beautiful blue skies and already starting to get very warm. Burp rode in the far right hand lane on so there was not a huge amount of photo opportunity other than traffic flowing in the other direction!

At 9:33am it was time to stop at the BP at Chinderah for fuel. It was a very brief stop.

Burp had planned that our next stop would be at Grafton which meant about 2 hours on the Nomad before the next break.

Even though Burp’s next planned stop was Grafton, the heat was getting to be too much so they stopped at Woodburn for a much needed cold drink and a break. Giggles thoroughly enjoyed sitting by the river and watching the antics of the water dragons that reside on the river bank and are often seen roaming around and looking for food.  It is very rare for Burp and Giggles not to stop at Woodburn if they are passing through. It’s such a pretty town and the cafe has the most incredible burgers that you could ever taste, to say nothing of the friendly staff members.

Having left Woodburn at 11:30 and STILL hoping to get a few hours of riding in before the next stop, the heat continued to cause problems and was becoming oppressive.

A mere hour and ten minutes later saw Burp and Giggles pulling up again. The reasons for this were stop were fuel, a MUCH needed cold drink, and some lunch. From Woodburn to Halfway Creek the heat and the hot wind were just unbearable whilst riding.

For lunch, Burp and Giggles both had hamburgers and the inevitable cold Coca-Cola. Unfortunately, the hamburgers were absolutely tasteless, expensive, the staff could have done with lessons in customer service and Giggles told Burp that she would never stop there again. It was a very bad dining experience.

After the stop at Halfway Creek, Giggles was losing enthusiasm to take photo’s due to the heat.

It was a mere hour after having left Halfway Creek before Burp pulled over again. This time in Macksville. A very short 10 minute stop but much needed as a relief from the hot weather.

Even though the temperature was still unbearable, Burp and Giggles noticed the first of the storm clouds that Giggles’ father had warned her would be occurring on the trip home. He had predicted huge storms and lots of rain.

Just over an hour later, Burp and Giggles pulled into the Hastings Driver Reviver and would recommend to anyone travelling on the Pacific Highway during holiday time to stop at this particular Driver Reviver, The volunteers were so incredibly friendly and Burp and Giggles did spend more time here than they had originally planned just chatting with the volunteers. Burp had coffee whilst Giggles thoroughly enjoyed the much needed cold cordial.

The storm continued to be build and become much worse as they travelled down the highway but fortunately, Burp and Giggles remained about 1 minute in front of the storm and managed to stay dry.

The weather had started to cool down a little so the ride became much more enjoyable but you can not imagine the relief on Burp and Giggles’ faces when they saw the road sign for the Taree Service Centre and knew just how much closer to home they were.

They pulled into the service centre for fuel and a quick break before continuing on towards home.

With only another hour and forty-five minutes left to ride, Burp and Giggles approached the remaining leg of the journey with renewed energy. When they saw a sign that said Hexham, they were over the moon.

There were no more photos now as the Rohde Trip was almost at an end and it was too dark to take any photos. Burp and Giggles had to make a detour in the town of Raymond Terrace as they needed to buy something to take home with them but had forgotten that on Christmas Eve, absolutely NOTHING is open. They were fortunate enough to eventually find the type of shop they wanted but it had added another half an hour on the journey.

By they time Burp and Giggles reached home, they were both pretty well exhausted but despite that, it was a fantastic trip. Having said that, they came to the conclusion that future Rohde Trips should maybe consist of no more than 400-500 klms per day. Anything more than that is just becoming too tiring.

Plans are underway now for a 2015 Rohde Trip………………..

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