Byron Bay Day Ride

February 26, 1012

Byron Bay is a beautiful place to visit. The ocean is incredibly blue, the dolphins are an absolute delight, the people are incredibly friendly and the lighthouse has such character. Over the years, Burp  has taken some amazing photos of this lighthouse and that particular spot in Byron Bay is fast becoming one of our favourite places.

On the way home from Byron, we took the Tweed Valley Highway and this is a road that Giggles fell in love with. Absolutely stunning scenery and a great, great ride. Love it! We passed through a little town called Mooball (true!) which Giggles also loved because she absolutely adores cows. In fact, every single Rohde Trip and day ride includes at least one photo of cows (not that they all feature on this web site) but Giggles can’t resist taking photos of them.

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