Sydney Day Ride

May 24, 2014

Approximately 303klm round trip.

The reason for this ride to Sydney was to go and visit Giggles’ sister who had moved to another part of Sydney recently however the ride did not go quite according to plan.

We wanted to be in Sydney no later than 0930 as Giggles’ sister had to leave at 12 and this way we would be able to spend a couple of hours together. Unfortunately, despite looking up directions the  previous evening, we became inextricably lost. Of all days to have no mobile phones on us, it had to be today. Burp had decided to leave his at home whereas Giggles had charged hers ready for the ride. Unfortunately, when leaving the house, Giggles forgot to actually pick up her mobile. As a result, we were unable to use the the mobiles online navigation and map system to find out how to get to our destination.

If that wasn’t bad enough, our own sat nav was in the truck that Burps drives. So, no navigation system, no mobiles, and after an hour or riding around different parts of Sydney we finally pulled in at a service station and ended up buying a map of Sydney. By the time we arrived at our destination, it was just after 1030 and Giggles’ sister was starting to think we had been in an accident.

Our visit was obviously cut quite short, but the coffee was extremely welcome to calm Giggles’ nerves as she has a tendency to panic when lost.

We traveled via the Pacific Motorway, which, whilst being a very good road, is rather boring and any scenic views are few and far between, hence the photos. Due to Giggles’ stressed out state of mind once realising she was lost, the camera went back in the pannier box, never to come out for the rest of the day.

Never again will we travel without at least one of our mobile phones. Although, as Burp said to Giggles, “we didn’t have mobiles in the old days and everyone coped just fine”.

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