Stroud Day Ride

December 5, 2015

We have definitely been blessed in that we have the freedom to hop on our bike and ride, the wind in our face, the most gorgeous scenery. We do have the most beautiful country in the world and this was a great ride.

Normally we don’t travel these roads on the Nomad solely because some of these roads are traveled every day by Burp when he drives the truck so we tend to avoid them. It’s a shame because the countryside is just utterly perfect but Burp travels this way day in, day out, so fair enough.

Having said that, on the off chance a fellow rider may be on these roads, please do Giggles a favour? Keep an eye out for her spleen, kidney, pancreas which must have been lost when our Nomad hit some fairly rough road and pot holes the size of moon craters. Seriously….Dungog Shire Council, spend some money, fix your roads!

Today we were riding just for the joy of being on the bike and it was great. Our lunch stop was at the Central Hotel in Stroud (am thinking it should be called “Only Hotel in Stroud”.  Lunch was inexpensive but sadly, the price reflected the quality of the meal. Shan’t be returning there for a meal.

Perfect weather, perfect ride.

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