Coonabarabran Day Ride

May 5, 2013

Giggles discovered that one of the main differences between riding in Queensland and riding in NSW is…………………………… the weather! For the first time in ages, Giggles had to wear a scarf, a thick jacket, and leggings under her jeans. May take a while for her to get used to living in NSW again.

There is no better way to discover all the amazing attractions in a new area than by doing a day ride and today we chose to ride to Coonabarabran. Wow! A really beautiful ride. The scenery along the Oxley Highway may seem rather dry and unexciting to some, however, we found it to be absolutely beautiful. The Liverpool Plains are just stunning and even though civilisation is not that far away, whilst riding along the highway, there are some moments where you feel that you truly are in the middle of nowhere. This rugged, wild, countryside is absolutely beautiful and definitely a “must see”.

As for Coonabarabran itself? Well, go visit at this time of year. This country town is so incredibly picturesque and the streets are lined with beautiful trees, all of whom are showing their glorious autumn colours. A simply stunning town, well worthy of a visit.

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