Birubi Point Day Ride

November 7, 2015

When you consider that one of our favourite locations for a day ride is Boat Harbour, we were both amazed that we had never come across Birubi Point before now. Birubi Point is situation in Anna Bay which we ride through every time we go to Boat Harbour. On this particular ride heading for Boat Harbour, we took the turn off signposted for Birubi Point and was so glad we did.

It’s such a pretty beach location and, most importantly (especially for Giggles), there were camels. Apparently camel rides and tours at Birubi Point are extremely popular. It will come as no surprise that at some point in 2016, we will be returning so Giggles can have a camel ride. Giggles loves camels as much as she loves cows……

We didn’t spend a huge amount of time at Birubi Point because it was incredibly hot, we were definitely not prepared for beach weather in that we were wearing jeans/boots etc. due to being on the Nomad.

What was even more exciting than camels however, was after we arrived at Boat Harbour and had done lots of rock climbing, Giggles spotted at least 3 separate pods of dolphins so she was over the moon. After spotting the dolphins, we spent more than an hour on top of the rocks so Burp could photograph them. Giggles was too busy watching them to worry about taking photos because Giggles loves dolphins, whales and sharks. If you have read our 2015 Day Rides, you will be aware that on our previous visit to Boat Harbour, we spotted whales so to have now seen dolphins was totally amazing. Giggles is hoping that on our next visit we will see some sharks.


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