Hamon Cove Day Ride

February 6, 2012

We are fortunate in that Hamon Cove is not a long ride for us and it is a very quiet, serene part of Wivenhoe Dam. It’s mainly used by the boating fraternity, and we also use it when we want to go out on the surf ski’s, but a for a quick, enjoyable ride, it’s the perfect place.

On this particular occasion, we decided for the first time ever, we would take coffee making facilities with us as we knew there was a wood BBQ in the picnic area. What we did not account for was the fact that there would be almost no wood available, nor did we think to take our portable burner as a back up. It’s actually a miracle that we remembered the kettle and water 🙂 After Burp arguing with the fireplace for about 40 minutes, we did eventually enjoy our first ever Day Ride coffee 🙂

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