Broke Day Ride

March 24, 2016

When it comes to being on the bike, we all know that it’s not about the destination, it’s always about the ride and that was certainly the case for this ride.  Burp had no destination in mind and Giggles always leaves it up to Burp, so we headed out towards Broke.

Giggles did go overboard with the camera and the photos below are less than a third of what she actually took on this ride. Unfortunately, the images don’t do the scenery justice. Wollombi Road is a great road for rides, discounting of course, the actual state of the road in many places.  It’s a typical country road with picturesque countryside and if you’ve never ridden this way, then it is an absolute must. It’s not unusual, particularly on a weekend to see countless motorbikes outside the pub at historic Wollombi enjoying lunch.